In the last weekend of September the centre of Castalla will resound with the clang of heavy hammers on large anvils, as more than fifty blacksmith from all over Europe will work together to learn from each other while creating a sculpture for the village. Two years ago the Town Hall of Castalla together with the local school for blacksmiths “Alejandro Cremades” organised a similar event, and this proved so succesfull that they decided to make it into a bi-annual event. In this second encounter you can see 48 profesionals and 22 students at work in the main square of Castalla. They come from the Ukraine, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Russia, France and, of course, from all over Spain.
Some years ago the local blacksmith and sculptor Alejandro Cremades started his studio “Hierro y Fuego” (Iron and Fire) in Castalla and began teaching his art to interested students. His workshop and school “Alejandro Cremades” grew, but he felt that more was needed to protect the craft of blacksmithing from extinction. He wanted to bring the craft closer to the general public and explore new and more creative ways of forging. Luckily the cultural department of the Town Hall of Castalla was very willing to help and support this idea, offering space and money to make a massive meeting of blacksmiths possible.
On Friday. the 28th of Septembre, this II Encuentro de Forjadores starts at 3:30 pm and will go on till midday (well, Spanish midday, i.e. 2 o’clock) on Sunday. In those three days more than 70 blacksmiths will work together on a sculpture, designed and supervised by Alejandro Cremades, in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento of Castalla. The people can walk around and see them at work at their forges, anvils and other typical tools of the profesion.
The most spectacular moment will be on Saturday around 8:30 pm, when they will set fire to the papers that cover the central structure of the sculpture, that Alejandro Cremades has already prepared, and to which the bits and pieces created by the participants will be added, to form one great work of art. The scuplture is called “El trabajo” (the job) and will consist of bees, as an appropiate symbol of teamwork, and many flowers indigenous to the area. Each participant will make some part of this sculpture, to his own design, but following the general directives of Alejandro Cremades. But all of them will also exhibit some of their own work, that can be seen (and bought!) in the nearby “Casa del Fester”.
To attract even more visitors (they hope to better the results form 2016, when it is said that some 20.000 people visited the event), the Town Hall has organised concerts, folk dancing and singing and exhibitions, so that visitors of the Encuentro de Forjadores will also get to know the other attractions of Castalla, its culture, history and gastronomy.
Excéntricos Comunicación y Gestión Cultural



MONDAY 26 September:

17:30 h Children’s workshop for ages 8 to 18 years in the Espai Jove.

20:00 h Contacontes/Storytelling – Placa Font Vella

TUESDAY 27 September:

17:30 h Craft workshop for ages 3 to 16 years – Casa de Cultura esplanade

19:30 h “Faula teatre” play – Performed by the students of the San Pascual Occupational Centre – Plaça Font Vella

WEDNESDAY 28 September

17:30 h Children`s workshop for ages 8 to 18 years in the Espai Jove.

21:00 h Performance by the dolçainers group “El Sogall” – Plaça Font Vella

THURSDAY 29 September

17:30 h Craft workshop for children ages 3 to 12 year – run by Manualidades Fantasia – Casa de Cultura.

20:00 h Cinema in the conference hall in the Casa de Cultura

FRIDAY 30 September

15:30 h The beginning of the 1st National Meeting of Blacksmiths/ Metalworkers – Plaza Mayor.

17:00 h Guided tour of the castle; prior booking in the tourist office required.

17:30 h Children’s painting workshop al carrer /Street art workshop

18:30 h Inauguration of the Smith’s/Ironworkers workshop and sculpture exhibition in the Casa del Fester and the gastronomy fair “Saborea Castalla”. Celebratory Wine offered to those assisting.

20:00 h Showing of the documentary: “Bicicleta, Cullera y Poma” “Bycicle, Spoon and Apple” (An experience of Pasqual Maragall) – Casa de cultura.

21:30 h Musical show by the Santa Cecila Group – Plaça Font Vella

SATURDAY 01 October

09:00 h The beginning of the 1st National Meeting of Blacksmiths / Metalworkers. (Opening of stands)

10:30 h Tour of the Castalla castle; prior booking in the tourist office required.

10:30 h Gymkana in the Casal Jove.( for ages 8 to 18 year)

11:00 h Opening of the Gastronomy fair “Saborea Castalla”

12:00 h Performance of batucada by the “Darbukas”- Plaça Font Vella

14.00h – 16:00 h Break for the craftsmen working the blacksmith/ Metalwork stands.

17:00 h Break for the Gastronomy fair “Saborea Castalla” establishments.

17:30 h Show of diverse dance styles: Modern, Classic, Belly dancing, Contemporary, Flamenco, Choirs and traditional dances.

19:00 h Reopening of the Gastronomy fair.

20:00 h Batucada performed by the local group Batugall, Plaça Major

20:30 h Majestic unveiling of the unique sculpture with a base forged of iron in the Plaça Major.

23:00 h to 00:00 h Nocturnal metalwork Exhibition. – Plaça Major

SUNDAY 02 October

09:00 h metal/iron workshop begins – Plaça Major

10:30h Meeting of the “Bolilleras” The Bobbin Lace makers

10:30 h “Literary Route of Castalla by Enric Valor” provided by the Centre Cultural Castellut. Meeting point: Tourist Office.

11:00 h Opening of the Gastronomy fair “Saborea Castalla”

12:00 h. Throughout the morning sculptures will be placed onto the main statue, located on the roundabout at the Avda. de Ibi (facing the petrol station).

12:00h Theatre performance by “Tres teatre”. Plaça Font Vella.

14.00h – Closing of the 1st Meeting of Blacksmiths/Metalworkers.

17:30 h Capella de l’Assumpció in the Assunción Church

18:30h A farce/comedy sketch performed by Agrucom.

19:00 h Prize draw for the participants of the “Saborea Castalla”

20:00 h Show by the musical group “El Portell” in the Plaça de la Font Vella.


  • Casa Torró: Exhibition of Works by the Castall’art association
  • Town hall: Exhibition of old photographs of the Centre d’estudis Castalla.
  • Casa de Cultura: Exhibition of paintings by Carmen Garrigós.
  • Centro histórico: Tapistery exhibition “Art al balco” carried out by Castall’Art.
  • Casa el Fester: Craftmanship exhibition “Forja y festa” “metalwork and festivities” by Alejandro Cremades and the smiths participating.
  • I Photograph competition – “Forja al carrer”. More details/conditions found in the web page www.turismocastalla.com


(From 30 September to 02 October)


1st national meeting of blacksmiths/metalworkers held in the city of Castalla, directed by the sculptor Alejandro Cremades, creator of the metal art studio and school-workshop “Hierro y Fuego” “Iron and Fire”, with the sponsorship of the M.I. Castalla Town Hall.

Passing on of knowledge of this traditional and noble craft through Public demonstrations; Reviving and preserving the art of blacksmiths into the XXI century. The public can observe, first-hand, how metal can be worked from its design on paper to its actual creation.

Pioneering event in the Valencian Community, where Blacksmith craftsmen from throughout the national territory come together and collectively create a sculpture forged in real time and in view of the public which will then become part of the cities heritage.

The students of the school-workshops of “Hierro y Fuego” will forge a sculpture simultaneously.

In this event the artists and public will be connected, and can acquire and commission personalised and exclusive works.


1 – Alejandro Cremades Romero – Onil (Alicante).

2 – Santiago Martínez Otero – Santiago de Compostela (La Coruña).

3 – José Ortiz Pereira – Ponte Caldelas (Pontevedra).

4 – Diego Lobez Torres – La Muela (Zaragoza).

5 – Benito Chereguini Olmos – Molina del Segura (Murcia).

6 – Luis Albiac Berges – Caspe (Zaragoza).

7 – Pep Vila Ribera – Centelles (Barcelona).

8 – Gonzalo Ruiz Tintoré – Moia (Barcelona).

9 – Friedrich Bramsteidl – Santa Eulalia de Oscos (Asturias)

10 – Iker Gabilondo Garmendia – Leintz Gatzaga (Guipuzcoa).

11 – Pepe Devesa – Alicante.

12 – Javier Fernández Veiga – Bembibre (León).

13 – Darío Pérez Higuera – Furla (Huesca).

14 – Alberto Garcia Arroyo – Terrassa (Barcelona).

15 – Javier Rutia Zurdo – Ontinar de Salz (Zaragoza).

16 – Antonio Llopis – Petres (Valencia).

17 – Thomas Mink – San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid).

18 – César Cortes Sánchez – Aras de los Olmos (Valencia).

19 – José Miguel Ladrón de Guevara – Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara).

20 – Tony Arce López – Beniel (Murcia).

21 – Alberto Leis Veiga – Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña).

22 – Jesús Muñoz Morcillo – Camarma de Esteruelas (Madrid).

23 – Abel Sánchez Michavila – Zaragoza.

24 – Anselmo Cabus Torra – Serradell (Lleida).

25 – Yaiza García Galera – Barcelona.

26 – Jose María García Barazabal – Barcelona.

27– Jacinto Muñoz Rey – Cardeñadijo (Burgos).

28 – Pilar Prieto Martínez – Cardeñadijo (Burgos).

29 – Anna Alemán – Llimiana (Lleida).

30 – Cav Pippo Contarino – Acireale (Catania – Italia).

31 – Rafael Artigas – Bergues (Barcelona).

32 – Marius Jofre López – Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona)

33 – Abderrahim Ghazi – Saknia Kenitra (Marruecos)

34 – Vicente Blasco Almerich – Benifairo de les Valls (Valencia)

35 – Eloy Escudero Alonso – Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona).

36- Jorge Roman Toquero- Santa Eulalia de Oscos (Asturias)

37- Hiroshi Tanaka- Gumma (Japon)


II GASTRONOMY FAIR “Saborea Castalla”

(from 30 September to 02 October)

A gastronomy fair offering traditional foods from our city, rice dishes, gazpachos, ice-creams, sweets, combined dishes, a great variety of products offered in the stands of the following establishments:

  • Churrería la Sucrera
  • Heladería Ca Pana
  • Palacios Helado Gourmet
  • La Taberna de Kike y Cuca
  • Panadería l’Atelier del Forn
  • Restaurante Cassana
  • Restaurante Glenns
  • Restaurante La Cuina de Kike y Cuca
  • Sala de conciertos-bar La Fábrica
  • Servicios hosteleros Palacios

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